You are responsible for getting shoes.

Order your dance shoes and dancewear by clicking below!!!

This will help you get shoes at a discounted price, and it will also help our studio earn points for the future! Listed in the site are recommendations for shoes! (Just click the drop-down list for your class(es).

You can purchase these shoes or anything similar if you're having a hard time finding your size!

Please reach out to me with any questions at 

Link to store: Discount Dance Studio Store

If you are signed up for Irish Dance please read below:

Here is the link to the irish dance shoes- we call them soft shoes or "ghillies"

  • Our preferred vendor is Rutherford shoes- they are local out of Rochester & wonderful to work with
  • Their site also includes a sizing guide and if anyone struggles determining size I would encourage folks to exchange emails with them to confirm you are selecting the right size- trust me, a few emails is worth avoiding the headache of buying the wrong size/returning/etc.
  • Once you have ghillies and they fit, expect your dancers to tell you they feel tight. They take a bit to break and this is normal. We want them to fit SNUGGLY. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Trust me when I say these will stretch, at times an entire half size greater than what you purchased. The best way to break them in is to wear them, dance in them, practice in them. I know not everyone's home flooring is conducive to dance shoe use, so even putting them on and stretching in them will help speed the process along. Wearing is caring!


Ballet: Pink Ballet Shoe

Cheer Dance: White Sneaker

Hip-Hop: Black Jazz Shoe

Lyrical: Lyrical Shoe

Pointe: Pointe Shoe

Tap: Black Tap Shoe

Irish: Soft Shoes or "Ghillies"

Acro I & II: No shoes needed