Fundraiser Fall '22

Proceeds from this fundraiser will help to lower your individual dance costume payment. The more you sell, the lower your costume payment!!

Our sale kicks off as soon as you register!!!

This year we're doing only online entry of mum orders. Every person will get an online personal fundraising page. If you have family members that don't use computers, please have them pay you, and you can enter in their order on your page. *Please know that this is the most efficient way for us to keep track of all orders. When we have online orders and paper orders at the same time it's very difficult (near impossible sometimes) to tell if one, or the other, or both were all accounted for without reaching out to each person individually. We appreciate your understanding!!

If you would like a fundraising page that you can send friends and family to order their mums online, email us at Include a photo of your child(ren) if you'd like their picture on the page as well.

Click here to see a sample online fundraiser page.

Your site will have your name on each product for tracking purposes. When people order there will be a place for shipping and notes so we (and you) know who orders what size and quantity! 

UPDATE: Miss Wendy has extended the *online Fundraiser Deadline to FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 3rd!

Here are the details of the extension.
  • If you have an online page setup just know that you can take orders online until the end of Friday 9/3
  • If you don't have an online page but asked for one you will get that today.
  • If you are doing your fundraiser offline you can still extend your deadline IF you email OR text your fundraiser sheet either as a picture or an excel attachment.
    • send email to
    • send text to Miss Wendy at 585-322-2222
  • If you're doing your offline fundraiser and you don't intend to email or text your sheet then the physical drop off date is still the same time and location:
    • Monday August 30th from 5-7pm at the Dance Studio (4 N Main St)

Drop off your order forms Monday August 30th from 5 to 7 pm or mail them in before to 4661 Capwell Rd Attica NY 14011. We need to have them tallied and turned in to keep our delivery date!

Mums will be available for pick-up at Valley Chapel Church parking lot Friday September 10th from 2 to 6!

This is why it’s extremely important to have your forms turned in on time!

One check made to Dance Creations or cash is preferred if you do manual, otherwise all payment will be handled through online! If you do not pick up your mums they will be forfeited and sold off! We can’t transport hundreds of mums around!

Any questions please ask 322-2222 or email us at

Good Luck!




Q: Are they just doing the one size this year?
A: We are still doing 2 sizes - the option for 9” or 12” shows up when you click on a color. We will update it so that it shows the option for length on the main fundraiser page underneath each picture. For the 2nd part:


Q: someone said they have shipping on there? Do they ship or do I have to get all of them like in the past?

A: You will still come in to pick up the mums, the shipping field is in there so we know who ordered what both from a (which child fundraiser is it for, and who do the mums go to). Mums will be available for pick-up at Valley Chapel Church parking lot on Friday September 11 from 2 to 6!


Q: Can I do manual orders too if I need to?
A: Yes absolutely. Any manual order form needs to be dropped off on Tuesday September 1 from 5 to 7pm or you can mail them in before that date to:
Wendy Rumley
4661 Capwell Rd
Attica, NY 14011
**You can also collect any cash or check from friends and family, and then still submit your order online with your own payment form, then just enter who you’re ordering for (person who will get the flowers) in the shipping address, and it will all be tracked on our side for you from there!

Q: Do they have to do anything special when ordering through the link to know who purchased them or that they go for my child?

A: We have the pages setup so that each page has a Product Title with the name(s) of your child(ten) in it along with the color, and when the order is complete we can filter all orders by the product title, color, and length. We also added shipping for this product so that we can tell who ordered it. We will be providing reports to update you with the running total of orders your child(ren) have received so far and who has placed those orders. In the future our aim is for you to have a back-office where you can see this real-time as orders are placed!

Q: Hello! I have had several people order and there is not a confirmation but brings them to registration page. They are unsure if goes through. Later though they get confirmation email.  Just not a confirmation on the website.  Hope that makes sense! 

A: This has been fixed. Thank you for the feedback. We initially set it up to auto-redirect to the registration page, and we will look to re-establish that when we can test it again so that it only does it for people who order the registration fee. For now - the update brings anybody who orders flowers or places a registration fee to the order confirmation page. A confirmation email is also sent with the order summary along with a large blue button for people who want to register that says “Click Here to Register”